New Building

As part of the Councils redevelopment plans for the area, we will be moving to a brand new purpose built community centre at the Ivy Hall site. The redevelopment also include 23 new flats with a priority for local residents. 

Once the new centre is finished we will be moving over there and our current building “the Laundry” will be knocked down to make way for 8 new houses. While it will be sad to see our home for over 40 years demolished, the new centre will allow us to provide more services for the community and will increase our scope for community engagement.



We will be updating this page to follow the construction below:


November 2015

The Foundations are in and the columns are going up.



December 2015

Work starts on the 1st floor.


February 2016

They structure of the building is almost finished.


April 2016

The main hall space, it’s going to be big!


July 2017

Well after a few little delays and a cold winter the building is almost ready. The external building is finished and the internal is in the snagging phase. The building is almost ready for us to put up the signs and open the doors. It’s a very exciting time as we prepare for the move in next few months and we hope the new building will be a space that people will enjoy.



Please continue to check back here soon as we will be posting pictures of inside the building once we have the keys and start to setup the building with all the furniture and equipment in the lead up to our opening.


We are keen as always to encourage local people to get involved in the development of our services and suggest any activities they feel would be of benefit to the wider community in the new centre, so please pop in and talk to any of the staff team.